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On October 10th,  2016 we started a new chapter at Aqua by becoming a team-based workplace. Team-based businesses are committed to excellence and reward employees with growth opportunities through profit sharing and education.   As a team we created a new mission statement for Aqua by identifying how we want to enhance the experiences we offer guests, focusing on YOU to make sure your monthly beauty and self-care needs are met in a relaxing, revitalizing, beautiful, clean, and health conscious environment.  We believe this makes us unique in Santa Barbara.

            Our team is excited and proud to be part of a movement that is redefining the beauty industry. Team based businesses provide secure employment and growth to every team member, together we are committed to every customer, every visit, no compromise!  Your happiness and continued loyalty helps our employees put down roots, it strengthens our community.

Come on in, relax and enjoy. You’ll never want to leave your new go-to salon, but when you do, you’ll be reinvigorated from the inside out.