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Top 5 reasons you should choose a custom airbrush spray tan over a spray tan booth

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Custom airbrush tan or spray tan booth? You’re getting the tan to look your best, so here are the top 5 reasons you should choose a custom airbrush spray tan over a spray tan booth.

1) The tan will be more even. With a custom airbrush tan the spray tan artist can control the amount of tanning solution that is being applied. A booth sprays a standard amount in standard directions and you hope that you are positioning correctly. Because a custom airbrush tan is more evenly applied, it will also appear more natural. Clients often remark how the tan is not blotchy or streaky.

2) You can breathe normally. In a booth you have to worry (or hold your breath!) the entire time solution is being sprayed. With a custom airbrush tan the overspray is contained and the only time you have to hold your breath is when your face is sprayed. Oh, and it will be a human being that tells you when to hold your breath and when (in just a few seconds) you can breathe normally.

3) The tan dries more quickly. Because the amount of solution is being controlled (by a human) when applied there are no big glops that stay wet. Many clients remark how they can’t believe the airbrush is not wet and that they do not have to dry for long periods afterwards. Our South Sea’s tanning solution is applied with a fine mist and most clients are good to get dressed in just a few minutes after the spray is complete.

4) Our spray tan artist can customize the tan to be darker in certain areas. Do you like your legs darker than the rest of your body? Or maybe you like your tummy to be extra dark or your arms defined. A booth can’t do that, but we can!. Everyone’s skin is different and certain areas of the body can be resistant to the DHA, so the custom airbrush allows the spray tan artist to spray extra in those areas for the client. Aqua uses South Sea’s spray tan solution that provides the perfect tan for all skin types.

5) Longevity and cost factor. Maybe the booth seems cheaper. However, a custom airbrush spray tan is within $10-$20 of the cost of a booth tan and with our packages the cost per tan is reduced making the cost difference between a booth tan and a custom airbrush tan minimal. Plus, our custom airbrush tans tend to last five to nine days, depending on your lifestyle and how diligently you follow post tan care instructions. Tan extender and proper aftercare products made specifically for spray tanning can even give you a tan that last as long as two weeks out of one session! That is MUCH longer than a booth tan which typically lasts two to four days.

Are you ready for a custom airbrush spray tan ? Feel free to contact us if you have any more question or take an appointment online.

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